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Risk Management

How are you managing the risk in your investment portfolio?

The essence of portfolio management is the management of risks, not the management of returns. All good portfolio management begins and ends with this precept.

However, managing risk is one of the hardest things to do, which is why one should consider a professional financial adviser to help manage investment portfolio risk. 

Methods of Risk Management

Methods of Risk Management

  1. Manage The Risk

    • Institutional Money Managers or Adviser Managed
    • Rules Based (“soulless” meaning don’t listen to the “talking heads”
    • Wealth Accumulation (there are times to play offense)
    • Wealth Preservation (exit strategies-there are times to play defense)
    • Sector and asset class trends
    • Relative strength (you want the best “athletes” on your team)

  2. Transfer The Risk

    • Insure the risk

  3. Alternative Investments

    • non-correlated investments not tied to the stock and bond financial markets

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